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contact@backalley-shop.com is our primary email for help!



BACK ALLEY EMPORIUM is an online website hosting art from independent online creators.

Selling merchandise for your creations online has proven to be a hassle. 

Other print-on-demand sites such take a large cut of profits, leaving the creator with next to nothing. The way their websites are set up also makes it difficult to find similar products and they offer little to no customization options for your page. 

Back Alley Emporium aims to give creators a fun and easy way of hosting their merch. Because of our independence, we work directly with the creators to make sure they get what they’re owed, and make sure their pages fit their own standard and presentation. Because of the nature of the site, it’s never been easier to find products similar to your own. Standing alongside a sea of other independent creators, there will be an overabundance of styles for the consumer. Come for one product, stay for another!